The secret of the smith. Ask the farrier your question

jan van de kuilen, vraag het de hoefsmid

Ask the farrier. Silica Horse answers all your questions about horse with hoof problems. We do this in cooperation with various renowned Farriers. For example you can ask the Farrier Jan van de Kuilen, certified (orthopedic) farrier in Amsterdam and more than 22 years in the box. Experience with hundreds of horses per year If …

Strong hoof wall reinforced with SilicaHorse

SilicaHorse zorgt voor een sterke hoefwand.gezonde hoeven

Silica reinforces the Horse hoof wall wear of the joints is caused by a degeneration of the articular cartilage (osteoarthritis). To constantly refresh cartilage is the Silicon in Silica Horse present essential. To grow a strong hoof wall has the horse need sufficient building blocks in its food.