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Stop Osteoarthritis in dogs, how Silicadogs helps

SilicaDogs with liquid absorbable silicon and osteoarthritis in dogs, how does that work? wear of the joints is caused by a degeneration of the articular cartilage. The balance between the buildup and the breakdown of the cartilage is disrupted. That is a result of a combination of damage to the joints and normal wear and […]

Silicon in the body, and how it is absorbed.

Siliciumzuur origins

Approximately 7 grams of silicon (1 gram/10 kg) are found In the body. Silicon is only absorbed by the body in the form of silicic acid (hydrolysed silicon), which is biologically absorbable. Silicon is the second most common element on Earth. It occurs in different concentrations in all living tissues of animals, humans and plants. […]

SilicaHorse and liquid silicon, how does it work?

SlicaHorse Vloeibaar silicium

Silica in SilicaHorse, what does it do to your horse? Many of the main complaints in horses are related to hooves and joints. This is usually due to a shortage of silicon (e.g., hoofwall seperation, rupture in the horn wall) or a consequence of an inflammation caused by bacteria / fungi (e.g., shrush, white line […]

The secret of the smith. Ask the farrier your question

jan van de kuilen, vraag het de hoefsmid

Ask the farrier. Silica Horse answers all your questions about horse with hoof problems. We do this in cooperation with various renowned Farriers. For example you can ask the Farrier Jan van de Kuilen, certified (orthopedic) farrier in Amsterdam and more than 22 years in the box. Experience with hundreds of horses per year If […]

In conversation with farrier Jan van de Kuilen

jan van de kuilen, vraag het de hoefsmid

Jan van de Kuilen SilicaHorse is being used by many farriers. One of them is Jan van de Kuilen, graduated (orthopedic) farrier and already active for 22 years. By nature, Jan is not easily being convinced, but he was quickly impressed by SilicaHorse.  SilicaHorse asked Jan how he came into contact with this product. Jan: […]