Stop Osteoarthritis in dogs, how Silicadogs helps

SilicaDogs with liquid absorbable silicon and osteoarthritis in dogs, how does that work?

Osteoarthritis in dogs wear of the joints is caused by a degeneration of the articular cartilage. The balance between the buildup and the breakdown of the cartilage is disrupted. That is a result of a combination of damage to the joints and normal wear and tear. Sometimes the cartilage wear is so strong that the bone is also affected. The older a dog becomes, the more likely it is to wear the joints. The elasticity of the cartilage is essential, as it protects the bones from the slight jolts, which are caused by movements and it facilitates the movement of one bone (tip) over the other. The onset of osteoarthritis can be attributed to aging, recurring injuries and low-silicon foods. Silicon is essential for the creation of collagen fibres that form the cartilage. To continually renew cartilage, one element is essential: silicon, which is the main component of SilicaDogs.

That osteoarthritis is irreversible, a fallacy so!

Stram and Stiff

Older animals are often stram and stiff in the joints, especially when standing up. One of the causes is that the soft cartilage that is located at the extremity of a bone is affected cartilage is the soft elastic layer in the joints that one finds in for example eating chicken. It is a rubber-like, somewhat translucent substance. The body is always on the move. The musculoskeletal system and thus the ewrichtsfunctie, for a significant part determines the freedom of movement. Problems with the musculoskeletal system can severely reduce this function. This is osteoarthritis

The elasticity

Cartilage is a unique tissue in the body, because it does not contain blood vessels and nerves. As a result, the supply of nutrients is often insufficient. When cartilage is placed under a microscope, it is reminiscent of a sponge. But when the joint is at rest, the cartilage is filled with fluid. When the joint is absorbed or pressured, the liquid is removed from the cartilage, just as if it is pinched in a sponge filled with water. In a healthy process, the liquid comes back into the cartilage when the pressure decreases, however in a chronic overload, there may be a strong production of free radicals. These free radicals oxidize in the joint fluid the large cartilage molecules through which the sponge effect decreases; The liquid disappears little by little. The spongy tissue becomes dry and fragile and loses its elasticity. The recurring shocks and frictions affect the dry cartilage more and more and over time it disappears. The bones are then no longer protected and the bone itself is affected and begins to deform.


The result is pain, which can cause less physical activity and that physical activity is now just as necessary to keep the joints supple. This creates a downward spiral of degeneration (ageing and wear). There may be other symptoms or phenomena such as inflammation, deformations, etc. The regular medical approach is then prescribing all kinds of painkillers and/or inflammatory inhibitors and partly because of all kinds of side effects of these drugs arises a kind of "roller coaster" of medications. Good for the pharmacy but not good for the animal. The common medical view is that osteoarthritis is irreversible (so not curable) and that all one can do is slow down its development.

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