Silicon in the body, and how it is absorbed.

Siliciumzuur origins

Approximately 7 grams of silicon (1 gram/10 kg) are found In the body. Silicon is only absorbed by the body in the form of silicic acid (hydrolysed silicon), which is biologically absorbable.

Silicon is the second most common element on Earth. It occurs in different concentrations in all living tissues of animals, humans and plants. Despite the fact that a lot of research has been carried out into the role that silicon plays in biology, scientists are actually beginning to gain insight into the value of this often ignored nutrient element Recording Silicic acid silicic acid is formed in the intestine from mostly silicates in the diet. Only a part of the silicates are converted, so that the biological intakeability is limited. In silica horse is dissolved silicic acid and therefore has a very high recordability. Now silicic acid is a difficult and unstable substance that quickly uitkristalliseert (polymerizes). The line-up of silica horse is that the silicic acid is stabilised, thus remaining in solution and therefore well absorbed. Organic (natural) silicon is not a silicic acid and therefore has to undergo a conversion to silicic acid. Part is included. However to get effect, a lot more solution needs to be used. Hydrolysed silicon and natural silicon may not be the same substances at the same time, please follow temporarily. Natural silicon is transformed into hydrolysed in the intestine to a very limited extent and thus absorbable silicic acid. So you need a lot of it in contrast to silica horse and SilicaDogs in which already stable silicic acid is present.

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