Strong hoof wall reinforced with SilicaHorse

SilicaHorse zorgt voor een sterke hoefwand.gezonde hoeven

SilicaHorse reinforces the Horse hoof wall

Wear and tear of the joints is caused by a degeneration of the articular cartilage (osteoarthritis). To constantly refresh cartilage the Silicon in SilicaHorse present is essential. The reason why many horses are herds are bursting, cracks and crumble of the hoof wall. The idea behind it is that the hoof should be supported because without the help of the man the hoof apparently falls apart! Fortunately, the do fine without our help resources. With the right synthetic covers and proper diet to avoid this kind of problems, and to fix it. Cracks, cracks and crumble are indications that the horse’s hooves like to have or something else will. Give the horse what he needs and his hoof wall stops crumble, break down and RIP!

Growth and wear

Domesticated horses usually get the chance their hooves enough to wear out. Therefore, they must be helped with a regular synthetic covers to prevent the hoof wall from below goes out and there is a so called ‘ edge ‘. On the bearing edge to stand on which the forces come Horn material is not calculated. The Horn will break where the hoof wall is weakest or where the lateral forces as it were aanbotsen against each other: the show.

Cracked hoof

the hoof wall is constantly growing. And the growth of the hoof is under ideal conditions perfectly suited to the extent to which the hooves wear. Wild horses in a natural habitat day travel long distances in search of food and water on hard, rough and dry surface. Each step is a micro trim! The wild horses hooves are short and have a thick and rounded hoof wall. Their hooves will rarely crumble or tear.

Wild horses hoof
Wild horses hoof



Get plenty of building materials

To grow a strong hoof wall has the horse need sufficient building blocks in its food. Zinc and copper play an important role in the production of keratin that make up the hoof wall is built. But also a lack of other substances such as lysine, methionine, vitamin B and omega fatty acids can lead to a worse quality Horn. Silica Horse helps with creating a strong hoof wall

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